H E R N D O N  H I G H  S C H O O L
N A V A L  J U N I O R  R O T C



NCIC cadets and staff completed their community service project of cleaning up the highways leading to HHS.

Cadet Geis takes command of the company in an informal ceremony on April 23rd.

Orienteering Nationals 2014

Shovling Snow at Harbor House after snow storm

First all freshman Colorguard Basket Ball game

Previous cadet returns

NS-1 drill coming up

Cadets At Rifle Practice

Rifle Match


Parris Island Trip

GWU Meet

Color Guard performs at the Herndon-Robinson football game.

Color Guard Practice

Midshipman Fabio Garcia, USNA 2015 and HHS 2008, stands in front of the Tecumseh monument at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis.  Tecumseh, a warrior chief of the Shawnee nation in the late 19th century, is decorated before every home football game and other major events.

The Physical Training (PT) Team at before-school practice.

Cadets don't need uniforms to look great!  This group is headed to the 2013 Prom.

Graduating Seniors

Memorial Day Color Guard

Change of Command

Relay for Life Car Wash

Cadets practice for the Spring Awards Ceremony.

NS-1 Drill Team

NS-3 class cleans up the unit for the NS-1 Drill Meet on Saturday.

Spring informal COC

Cadet with his Meritorious Action award from Boy Scouts

NS-2 class works on their buoyancy project.

2013 NJROTC National Orienteering Championship.

Top Rookie on her way to setting a rookie record for marksmanship.

Change of Command.

The Cadet Commander presents awards at the Parent's Night Award Ceremony.

The Company of Cadets form in the main gym for the Area Manager's Inspection.

Cadet visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame on their way home from Great Lakes Naval Station and Chicago.

The Chicago skyline approaching from the south, with Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears, on the right.

The Color Guard leads the 2012 Homecoming Parade.

PT Team members celebrate their 3rd Place finish in the GWU Field Meet.

Three former HHS NJROTC cadets, now Naval Academy midshipmen, talk to members of the PT team at the Navy-San Jose State football game in Annapolis.


UPDATED October 21, 2014

Drill Team Practice: The first Drill Team Practice will be on October 31st at 0600. 10-21-14

Parris Island Trip Pre-Inspection: There will be an inspection of all cadets going on the Parris Island trip on October 30th at 1430. All cadets going on the orientation trip must attend. 10-21-14

Rifle Team Qual Shoot: There will be a Rifle Team Qualification Shoot for all rifle team members after school at 1445 on both October 27th and 28th. Check the white board for relays. 10-21-14

Football CG and Escorts: There will be a Color Guard and Escorts for the football game on Friday, October 24th. 10-21-14

Academic Team Practice: There will be an Academic team practice at 1530 on Thursday, September 25th.

Color Guard Practice: There will be a Color Guard team practice at 1430 on Thursday, September 25th.

PT Practice: There will be a PT team practice at 0600 on Thursday, September 25th.

Team Interest Meeting: There will be a Team Interest Meeting on Thursday, Spetember 25th. There is a Sign-Up sheet on the Event Sign-Up Links tab. There will be pizza and late buses.

Event Sign-Up Links: We will make extensive use of the Event Sign-Up links page this year. If you are interested in attending one of our many events, practices, competitions, or activities, click on the Event Sign-Up link, find your event, click on that link, and sign up! Unit leadership will use this information for planning. You can access this through any web browsing device. If you are having trouble getting signed up, please talk to a cadet staff member. 8-27-14

PFT Makeup: There will be a PFT make-up on Thursday, May 29th at 1430 in the Blue and Gold room. There will also be another PFT makeup session (Last chance) on Thursday, June 5th. All participating cadets must notify Commander that they are making up the PFT by the day prior. 5-27-14

Uniform Return Full-Credit Day: All non-returning cadets must bring uniform items to c/PO2 Lazo by May 27th. The following items are those that need to be returned: Black garrison Cap, Black Jacket and Liner, Black slacks, and Khaki Shirt. All items must be clean and pressed or you will not only lose points but you will be charged for cleaning services. 5-27-14

Relay for Life Car Wash: The Relay for Life Car Wash will be held on Saturday, May 10th. All cadets who signed up must arrive before 0915 to receive instructions. 5-6-14

COC Practice: There will be a Change Of Command practice for all Staffs, Seniors, and Key Players on Thursday, May 8th at 1430. 5-6-14

Informal Change of Command. The informal change of command will take place on Wednesday April 23rd. All cadets are encouraged to come. Cadets holding, or shall hold a leadership position are required to come. The change of command will be held at 1430. 4-10-14

Relay For Life Interest Meeting. The Relay for Life interest meeting will be held on Wednesday April 10th at 1430. Cadets who are intrested are encouraged to attend. 4-10-14

Military Ball. The military ball is Friday March 28th. Cadets need to be at Waterford Springfield Hotel no later than 1830. 3-28-14

Orienteering Nationals Results. Congratulations to the Herndon Orienteering Team for placing 6th in the nation overall, and 3rd on the varsity team. All cadets on the team has shown how working hard during the whole year, will pay off. 3-14-14

FCPS Rifle Finals. Congratulations Rifle Team for getting to the FCPS finals, shoot your best on Friday 14th, show off our team, and unit! 3-14-14

Leadership Board. Leadership board will start next week Wednesday Februrary 26th and will continue into Thursday Februrary 27th. Cadets who are intrested in a leadership position, must go to leadership board. Also, al ns-3 cadets who are planning on returning, must go to leadership board with a memorandum ready. NS-1 cadets who are seeking a leadership position are highly encouraged to go. If you have a time that conflicts with your schedule, notify someone in Senior Staff to Reschedule. 2-21-14

Uniform day. The uniform day for this week will be Tuesday Februrary 18th and Wednesday Februrary 19th, all cadets are required to wear their uniform on the day it is assigned. If you miss the uniform day, make it up on the nearest day possible! 2-21-14

NJROTC Nationals Orienteering championship. The Herndon Orienteering Team will be going to nationals on Thursday February 13th, and will return Monday February 16th. Congratulations! The Orienteering team will stay in the Hampton Inn in Anderson South Carolina, and will be competing in Georgia. 2-7-14

Rifle Team Area 5. The top five shooters on the rifle team are going Annapolis Maryland this Saturday January 18th for the Area 5 meet. Cadets are expected to show up at the High School at 0600. Good luck cadets and shoot well! 1-15-14

Uniform Day This Week. It's been a while since cadets have worn uniform, but cadets are required to wear uniform this week, for cadets that have class on a red day, their uniform day is Tuesday, for cadets who have class on a black day, their uniform is this Wednesday. 1-15-14

Rifle Team at West Potomac. Good luck to the Cadets on the rifle team who will be shooting on friday 10th of january at West Potomac High School. Do your best, as you represent Herndon High School and our unit! 1-10-14

Welcome Back. Welcome back to school Cadets! We hope you enjoyed your break and the extra day off. There is no uniform day this week, but we will one next week. 1-10-14

Uniform Days. There is no uniform day this week. This week is Herndon's spirit week, so cadets do not have to wear uniform to participate in this event. 12-18-13

College Trip. The college trip has been cancelled due to lack of cadets signed up. Cadets must see Commander for their Deposit back. 12-18-13

HMS Lunch Visit. Due to the snow days, the HMS lunch visit is rescheduled to Wednesday 18th of December. 12-13-13

Uniform Photo Day. The uniform day this week was scheduled to be on Tuesday 10th of December. Due to the snow days, the photo day will be rescheduled after winter break. 12-13-13

SecNav Postal. Congrats to the cadets on Rifle team who competed in the SecNav postal match on December 2nd. The scores will be mailed by the end of this week and the results will be sent out later in the month. Herndon will see where it places. 12-05-13

Area 5 Orienteering Championship Saturday. The Area 5 meet will be held this Saturday December the 7th, Oregon Ridge Park Maryland. Cadets, please be sure to check your email for additional information that will be sent out by Coach Wilkins. 12-05-13

Informal Change of Command. The informal change of command will be held october 23rd during second stinger. Cadets willing to attend must ask Commander or Senior Chief for a stinger pass. 10-23-13

PT Practice. PT team practices are now mandatory. Cadets must be at all 3 practices to compete at the Varina High School meet. Excuses will not be accepted without a note. The meet for Varina is on the 9th of Novemeber. 10-23-13

Hornets Against Hunger. The Hornets Against Hunger LINK pickup is Wednesday, October 23rd at 1500. Cadets signed up for HAH must show up after school at 1445. 10-23-13

Homecoming Parade. Participation in the parade is a graded event. Cadets who do not attend the homecoming parade will be given an alternative assignment. Breakfast will be served and paid for all cadets at the McDonalds on Elden Street near the start of the parade route. The food line will open at 0800 and close at 0845. The uniform for cadets will be the Navy Service Uniform with black jacket. We will leave McDonald's at 0900, be in place at spot 12A by 0915, and step off at 0925. We should be complete by 1015. 10-10-13

Uniform Day. The uniform day will be on Saturday during the homecoming parade. Cadets who are attending the parade but not marching with the unit must wear thier unifrom this week. 10-10-13

Key Players Meeting. This Tuesday is the homecoming key players meeting after school in the blue and gold room at 1430. Please check the white board for the list to see if you are a key player. It is essential for key players to show up. 9-30-13

Key Players Practice. Key players practice will be held this upcoming Thursday, October 3rd. Key players are required to come. We will be practicing formation for the homecoming parade. 9-30-13

Carwash. The Car wash scheduled for this Saturday the 5th has been canceled. 9-30-13

Lee-Davis Meet. This Saturday is the Lee-Davis meet, the bus will depart at 0600. Cadets need to arrive at 0545 to recieve their uniforms. Remeber to bring money or food and eat breakfast! 9-26-13

New PT Procedure. Practices have been changed from mandatory to voluntary. Practices will be held accordance with the weekly schedule. However, for a practice to be held, at least 10 Cadets must sign up on the Google spread sheet. 9-26-13

Hornets at the Naval Academy. CDR Cassara recently attended Parent's Weekend events at the Naval Academy as a guest of former HHS NJROTC XO and Drill Team Commander Fabio Garcia. The visit included a tour of the grounds and Fabio's dormitory room, attending class (Linear Control Systems 303), and the afternoon parade. Fabio graduated from HHS in 2008, did a tour in the Marine Corps, and attended the Naval Academy Prep school before entering Annapolis in June of 2011. As a 3rd year midshipman, he is majoring in Systems Engineering and plans to enter Marine Corps aviation upon graduation. He is the most senior of the 5 former Hornets currently attending the academy. Other HHS grads (and former NJROTC cadets) include John Wilkinson (HHS 2008, who also did a tour in the Marines after graduation), Michael Brown and Dustin Pechler (HHS 2011), and Alexis Brown (HHS 2013). 9-19-13

Huntingtown Field Meet. Attention all Cadets, the Huntingtown field meet this Saturday is cancelled, due to few Cadets being able to attend and/or have a completed sports physical. We are scheduled to attend the Lee-Davis meet. If we want to make it to the meet please turn in your physicals! 9-18-13

Team Interest Meet. The team interest meeting will be held this Thursday at 1430 in the blue and gold room. All Cadets who are in terested in joining a team or want to know more about one are encouraged to come! Team Commanders will talk their teams, this is also a good time for Cadets to ask questions as well. Pizza will be served, and if you would like to eat pizza please sign up on the google doc. 9-18-13

Uniform Day. The cadets had an amazing first week of school. Next week, Tuesday the 17th and Wednesday the 18th are the first dates for unifrom this year. Cadets are required to wear their uniform on their assigned date. All Cadets should meet uniform and grooming regulations. 9-10-13

Tag Day. There will be a Tag Day this Saturday the 14th, at 0915, for breakfast and a brief. Cadets who are willing to participate must come in uniform. However, if Cadets do not have a uniform by Friday see Commander.We will meet in the spaces of JROTC. The Tag Day will end around 1400. All Cadets should meet uniform and grooming regulations. 9-10-13

Welcome back! Welcome back Cadets and welcome to the unit Freshmen! The unit has kicked off the start of the new year, with many events and adventures to come! Keep an eye on the website and the daily annoucements for upcoming events and news. 9-6-13

PT and Color Guard. The PT and Color season has begun! PT practice is every Monday and Thursday at 0555 in the blue and gold room. Color Guard is every Thursday after school in the blue and gold room. 9-6-13

Hornet Cadets in the News. Click on the links below to read about cadets and activities covered by our local news media!

Herndon Cadets Leave Legacy, Pages 4-5

Herndon Cadets Host the Meet (April 20th, Page 7)

Herndon High Cadets Win Spicer Cup, Set League Record (April 24th, Page 7th)

Herndon Cadets Finish 8th in National Orienteering Championship (March 12th, Page 5)

Herndon High Cadets Go to National Championship (January 16th, Page 4)

Herndon to Hold Veterans Day Observance (November 5th)

Hornets Cadets 'Sting' Cancer (October 31st, Page 4)

Herndon Cadets Defeat Mid-Atlantic Champions (October 10th, Page 11)

South Lakes Meet Result. Congrats to the Cadets who attended the South Lakes meet that was held on Saturday, May 11th.The students of Herndon NJROTC went to South Lakes and competed in several events; PFT, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, and tug of war. Herndon came out 2nd in volleyball and first in tug of war. Go Hornets! 5-14-13

Spring Awards. The Spring Awards Ceremony will be held this Friday, May 17th. There is a potluck dinner at 1730 - cadets with the last name of A-L should bring in a main dish and salad; cadets with the last name M-Z should bring a main dish and dessert. The ceremony will start at 1900 and will be done by 2000. 5-14-13

South Lakes Meet. There will be a field day meet against South Lakes JROTC on Saturday 11th. Practices are posted up on the whiteboard; there are different practices every day for each sport. Participation priority will be given to those cadets who attend the practices. People participating in PFT (push ups, sit up, running) need to get to South Lakes by 0830. The sporting events start at 1000, so cadets should plan to arrive at South Lakes by 0930. Transportation will not be provided to South Lakes by the unit. If cadets need a ride to the meet, contact Cadet Ratana. Go Hornets! 5-8-13

Car Wash. Congrats to the cadets who participated in the car wash on Sunday May 5th who raised 670 dollars for Relay for Life! There will be another car wash on the 19th to raise money for the unit. Please come, help out, and participate! 5-8-13

NS-1 Drill Performance. Congrats to all of the first year cadets for their incredible performance on saturday 27th. While placing 4th overall, they brought home two trophies, 2nd place colorguard, and third place inspection. We would like to thank all of the cadets for coming out to the practices to train the first years, the cadets and parents who volunteered on the day of the meet, and the boosters. Tthank you all for your hard work, without everyones effort it all would not be possible! 4-30-13

NS-1 Practice & Meet. Tuesday April 23rd and Thursday the 25th NS-1 Practice will take place in the spaces at 1430. Note those will be the last two practices until the actual meet which will be on the following Saturday, April 27th. The volunteers that signed up, your positions have been posted up on the blackboard in the Blue and Gold room; please show up in the spaces at 6:30 to help set up. Any questions contact Cadet Sullivan. Good Luck Herndon! 4-22-13

Beat the Buzzer. Beat the Buzzer has been cancelled. If you signed up, your assistance is no longer required. We'll try again next year! 4-18-13

Spring PFT. Spring PFT's are this week - please be prepared each class with proper clothing. If you have any questions about the requirements for passing the PFT, see the Cadet Reference Manual. 4-18-13

A Big Honor. One of our outstanding first year cadets has been presented the Medal of Merit for Meritorious Action by the Boy Scouts of America. Late last year, this cadet put himself in harm's way to save others' lives as a small building near his home was subject to arson. While his father called the fire department, our cadet took matters into his own hands and kept the flames at bay with a garden hose. Congratulations Cadet, and job well done! 4-11-13

Change of Command. This Thursday, April 11th an informal change of command will take place outside of ROTC. A little change has been made; due to SOL testing, the change of command will not take place during class as usual but it will be held after school at 1430 since it is a late bus day. When the change of command ends, refreshments will be served in the spaces. Those interested are more than welcomed to come! 4-10-13

Rising Senior Interview. Cadet PO3 Bhandari: In what ways are you excited for next year in NJROTC? Everything! From the PT team to Drill, and becoming more active within the unit. Is there anything you're nervous about? Since it'll be my senior year, I know I have to take more responsibility and take charge of things. I don't know how it will play out. How do you think being senior staff will be different since you won't be meeting everyday next year? Communication, I know it can be a challenge to reach out to others, so that is my main concern. 4-10-13

NS-1 Practice. This Tuesday, April 3rd and Thursday the 4th, NS1 drill practice will be held in the spaces at 1430. The NS1 drill meet will take place on Saturday, April 27. Veterans of the drill team, if you wish to help out, please talk to Cadet Master Chief Sullivan. Those who want to volunteer for the actual drill meet: there is a sign up list in the Blue and Gold room on the blackboard, and on the whiteboard. 4-4-13

Spring Break. Next week is Spring Break! As everyone should be, we are all excited to get out of school for a bit and relax. Hopefully the nice spring weather makes a comeback, and we can enjoy the time off. Stay safe, do your homework, and have a great break! 3-19-13

Rising Senior Interview with c/CPO Solomon. In what ways are you excited about next year? He's excited to make a difference. This is his own way of running the unit; he doesn't want to copy someone else. He want's to do things his own way. Is there anything you're nervous about? He's nervous about the possibility of becoming CO. "It would really mess up my plans for leading the unit." How do you think being Senior Staff will be different since you won't be meeting everyday next year? "Oh, we won't? Haha." He says it's going to be different, but like this year he will come during lunches to get his stuff done. On a different note, he's a bit nostalgic. He's nervous about becoming a leader. 3-19-13

Orienteering Team. Orienteering Nationals was a two-day event that took place two weekends ago. They finished 8th overall, with Varsity and Junior Varsity placing in the Top Ten. The Varsity cadets placed Top 30 out of 120 runners, and JV placed Top 40 out of 120 runners. On the first day, they placed 11th overall, and on the second, they placed 5th overall. cadet Murphy recieved a medal for being the number 4 female in the nation on the JV course. Last year, they placed 11th out of 25 and this year they placed 8th out of 25. Definitely improvement! The team finished the year with a roster of 20 runners, and placing Top Ten, which was their goal. Congratulations everyone! 2-28-13